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The Books

I love to write about Hong Kong and Singapore, the amazing cities I call home, and the places nearby. Click on the covers below for more information on the books I've written.

Lost in Hong Kong

Travel with Tim Chan as he chases his mischievous dog across the city from Hong Kong Park to Sai Kung in a light-hearted celebration of Hong Kong's diversity, its amazing transport systems, and the kindness of strangers. Tim will have to be 'as quick as fried noodles' if he wants to catch his friend and get home in time for dinner.

Black Rain Day - A Hong Kong Adventure

There's no place like home. But as Neve discovers, home can mean different things to different creatures.


Stuck indoors during a torrential rainstorm, Neve expects a boring day of TV and homework. When she is taken on a journey by some of Hong Kong’s native inhabitants, she finds out that Hong Kong is a lot wilder than she’d ever imagined.

The Last Gibbon

In the dwindling rainforests of Hainan, China, a solitary gibbon remains - it is the last of its species and has survived undiscovered in the remote mountain woodlands. But its fate is entwined with that of an ageing hunter, Jiang, who has vowed to catch this immensely valuable creature. Is there any hope left for the Hainan Gibbon?

Celebrate Hong Kong!

Homesick Oskar has just arrived in Hong Kong and wishes he were back in Finland celebrating the midsummer festival. But, with the help of some new friends, Oskar is about to find out how the party never ends in this unique city. So come along on Oskar's adventure; let's Celebate Hong Kong!

Lost in Singapore - cover.jpg
Lost in Singapore

When his pet parrot unexpectedly flies off, Ben takes chase in a light-hearted adventure that takes him the length and breadth of Singapore. As he uses a wide variety of transport options and visits many familiar landmarks, Ben finds out that Singapore is a great place in which to get lost!

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